The Pergola Design

Wood Pergola Plan

Being able to secure plans for your garden, backyard or poolside improvements are simple yet amazing way to save on your money for construction. A careful wood pergola plan is necessary when you consider building one for a free space in your backyard. Like any other small building structures, wood pergola plans can either be do-it-yourself install or contractor based designs. Since there are many kinds of pergolas like free standing, attached, over the patio, or backyard pergolas, the structures are formed in different shapes and designs depending on your choice. Amongst all these choices, a wood pergola plan will still be best recommended.

Do it yourself pergolas are best recommended for easy install and will save you thousands of dollars compared to contracting someone to build it for you. Wood pergola plans are best to work with because aside from being pliable it is a strong building structure as well. Wood also allows mistakes and  correction. Getting on the best wood pergola plans, the best wood to use will be cedar or red wood. These two kinds are expensive compared to other ordinary wood however; these two are the most durable compared to any other wood.

Wood pergola plans should provide simple and accurate instructions that you can follow. Even the first time DIY users will not have a hard time building that perfect garden piece. Pergola construction is usually easy to deal with as long as the initial steps are met. Pergola is usually constructed to create a focal point in your open space, so knowing where to build your pergola is crucial. Knowing  the location is important but the next thing to consider will be checking on your underground utilities, as wood pergola plans require some digging, you don’t want to damage laid utilities such as electric cables, gas and water pipes.

Whenever you are looking at a do-it-yourself project, consider knowing which tools you will need to secure as well. You may need to rent an electric angle grinder, circular saw and drill. Wood pergola plans would also need the necessary equipments such as the usual nuts, bolts, nails and sandpaper. Following the right wood pergola plans will also require you to shape the main beams, find the correct level and alignment, prop the main posts temporarily closing the structure for careful measure.

When you decide to follow a wood pergola plan, then you will be able to save on cost by doing it yourself. Do it yourself pergola however usually requires more work hours from you. Start by molding and cementing the foundation for your pergola and temporarily putting up the beams and the posts for measuring. When measuring is completed, you can then remove the temporary rigging and start nailing the joints. Most common and practical wood pergola plans are free standing (this happens to be the easiest to construct since you don’t have to mind the  other structures you will be tugging your pergola unto). Since pergolas are uncomplicated, then a do it yourself project will be a good investment, because you can even save up $1000 to $2500.

When you are able to decide on the design that you like, check online where you can get a wood pergola designs that can be do it yourself. With simple planning and measuring, you can have your very own pergola in as little as two days, you can probably do this as a weekend project. The only part of this project that will cost you more will be the wood, which is the best thing to consider (a quality wood should always be considered for building structure’s safety). Although you have the option to add a resin base stain to increase wood toughness, adding some glossy stain will also add to the natural texture of the wood.